About Us

P-PLUS Lighting, An Introduction

P-PLUS Led Lighting commenced operations in 1994 as an EMS, over the years we have diversified our portfolio to manufacturing and marketing of LED lighting products. Working with associate companies, we provide a complete range of end to end services in the lighting sector to our customers, having over 200 employees today.

From LED product design, internal and external lighting design and development, manufacturing, marketing, and warranty services, we are dedicated to providing high-end proprietary LED lighting solutions and components to our customers.

P-PLUS Led Lighting is committed to total quality management, providing product and product-related services to meet the requirements of our customers and our quality management system. With continual review and improvements, our goal is to exceed expectations and provide solutions to our customers with the best Value, Quality, with un-matched warranties.

Quality Standards

  • ISO 9000:2000 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • Employee Certification Program
  • 5S Program
  • 5S denotes the five pillars of a lean work place. The objective of the 5S program is to establish discipline, eliminate waste, and drive order, neatness in the company
  • ESD Controls ◦Electrostatic Discharge protection is required by at all electrostatic sensitive areas, and employees and support personnel are trained to minimize electrostatic discharge into the production process company-wide
  • Workmanship Standards ◦The common workmanship standard is IPC -610
    •   Comply to all customer-specified workmanship standards
  • Completed Implementation and currently Certifying for TS 16949